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If you are reading this and you happen to be in an emergency situation go ahead and find our number and give us a call. If you could take the time to read this quickly as you dial it could really help us provide an overall better service. Once you call the first thing that we are going to want to know is if you are ok. If you do not feel 100% and you have not called the emergency services we can do so for you. We know that a lot of the situations that people are living through as they give us a call can be quite stressful. We do not intend that you remove all of the emotions from the call. What we do ask is that you try and answer all of the questions that we have to the best of your ability.

We are probably going to want to know your current location. Providing certain landmarks can be of great assistance to us. The next few questions are probably going to be about the kind of vehicle that you are driving at the moment. These are going to help our crew when they arrive not only locate you but have a good idea of what to expect. Obviously, if you could let us know the type of service that you would require at this moment. That could really go a long way in getting help to you quickly!


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