Emergency Roadside Assistance

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Here at Salem Oregon Towing, Vehicle Transport, and Roadside Assistance we obviously take pride in all of the services that we provide. Our Emergency Roadside Assistance services though hold a very special place in our hearts. Especially because it is here that we get the chance to literally help everyone. We have seen how people feel like they are a bit caught in the middle at times. Where the problem that you are facing should not be such a big deal to the point that your car is going to end up on a tow truck. What you are looking for is a quick solution. We are the ones that can help provide that!

We Are On The Road With You  

Our Emergency Roadside Assistance crew is usually out on the the road at all times. What we actually do is that we have different trucks driving through different parts of the county. What we want to accomplish by that is to have a truck that is always going to be relatively close to any potential incident. We are on the road with you quite literally. This gives us the ability to respond to any calls a heck of a whole lot quicker.

We Can Help You With A Lot of Different Issues

If you get a chance to take a look at the types of services that we offer you will know that we can virtually help you out with any type of problem that you may have on the road. Things like a flat tire, losing your keys or having a dead battery should not make your car end up on the back of a tow truck. Instead, give us a call and let our guys come out and help. Our main goal is to get you right back on the road as soon as we can!

Getting A First Opinion On The Road

A lot of times when you are facing mechanical issues with your vehicle on the road the last thing that you want to do is press on and risk hurting your vehicle a lot more. What we want to help you with in regards to that is provide a first assessment right there on the road. We will arrive we will take a look at your vehicle, we can let you know what we see. From there if you feel that getting the car towed to the nearest shop is the best option then we will set that up for you!

The Quicker You Call The More Options You ‘ll Have

We want to make sure that people are as safe on the road as they can be. You can actually help us do that by calling in when you have an issue. It has been our experience that people who give us a call when they start noticing that things are a bit off usually end up getting back on the road faster than those who chose to tough it out!


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