Flat Tire Repair on the Freeway

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One of the main issues that you can come across while out on the road is to have a flat tire. That is really a big issue especially if it finds you in heavy traffic or on a road where you are almost all alone. The first thing that we want to make sure that we do is to guarantee that you are safe. We are obviously not the police or the fire department. So you may think that we are not fully qualified to give out some pointers. We literally live on the road so, there is a good chance that we know a thing or two to help you out!

Safety First!

We know that sometimes tires can literally explode on site and there is really not much that you can do it about it. What we recommend though is you try and get to the side of the road and away from traffic. It is usually overly dangerous to try and walk out on your own and try and change the tire. Especially if you have neither the tools nor the experience to do so. What we recommend is that you stay in the vehicle and wait for our assistance.

Answering Questions

We know that when these things happen out on the road you are probably not going to be in a great mood for a chat. That being said we may need your help answering a couple of questions so that our guys can have a better idea of what they are up against before they arrive. Some of the questions that you will probably get from us involve your location. That is kind of a given as something that we need to know. We may also ask the kind of vehicle that you are driving. That will not only make it easier for our guys to spot you. It will also allow them to plan how to get you out of that tough spot!

Lack of Tools 

We have often seen that people who are on the road and happen to call this service in where not able to get the job done on their own because of lack of tools. If you have a special safety measure on your tires that require a specific tool to break it free don’t worry. We are fully equipped and we know how to remove any type of tire from your vehicle. Just give us a call and stay safe until we arrive.

Pumping Up The Spare Tire

It is not uncommon to see that your spare tire is far from in good shape. These days it is undeniable that tire technology has advanced. To the point where you can actually run on a flat for a long time. That said, we will make sure that all of your tires are equipped to continue on the journey. If they are not we can help you by getting your car to the nearest shop!


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